Listening Two Ways at Poetry Readings

This blog isn't subtitled "Updates on a Free-Verse Life" for nothing. It would be a lie to call it "Updates on a Rhyming-Couplet Life." I'm about as devoid of rhyming as a guy can get. Confession: When I listen to a poem, I often don't even notice the rhyme scheme. Instead, I notice "pleasant sounds." …

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Advice for a Poetry Reading

Inside of two weeks before my first poetry reading, I often solicit advice from experienced poets who have read many times at many venues. Part of me asks about myself and the poems I should choose. The other part asks about the crowd. Or maybe "the crowd" (accent on quotation marks). What I've heard so …

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Going to a Poetry Reading in the Witch City

OK, I'll admit it. Not only have I never been to a poetry reading, I have never even considered it. The very idea of it is rife with clichés, for one thing. You know, some hippie-type who forgot time wearing an Existentialist, black turtleneck and beret while muttering navel-gazing notions into a malfunctioning mic. Whoo-we! …

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