Billy Collins & Poisonous Poetry Prescriptions

A virtual friend (all my friends are electronically ghostly) sent along this Writer's Almanac interview of that pop poetry institution known as Billy Collins. I like Billy Collins' work, for the most part. Sometimes he rests on his laurels and the overheated aroma of the plant's leaves fetters his free verse, but for the most part … Continue reading Billy Collins & Poisonous Poetry Prescriptions

Basho Springs a Surprise (and Other Paeans to Spring)

It feels like winter still, but the Old Farmer's Almanac says differently. It's the first day of spring. The long-awaited equinox. Poets, like farmers, have forever taken note. It moved Robert "Beginning to Melt" Frost to prayer, for instance: "A Prayer in Spring" Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today; And give us not … Continue reading Basho Springs a Surprise (and Other Paeans to Spring)