3 Sentences, 1 Poem

Some students, many good writers, claim that they just don't "do" poetry. Too difficult. Too many rules. Too much of a challenge. To which I say, "OK, then. Pick a topic that interests you and write descriptive prose. When you're happy, we'll look at ways to convert it." Purists may frown upon such practices, and …

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Warming Up to Tarjei Vesaas’s Ice Palace

On the back of Tarjei Vesaas's book, The Ice Palace, is a blurb by Nova that reads, "Believable and haunting...this beautiful neo-prose poem is as sombre and Scandinavian as a Bergman film." I can't vouch for the Bergman film bit (I think I've seen all of one), but I'm all in on the "haunting" and …

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