If You’re Trying To Be Cool, You’re Not

In yesterday's post, I wondered aloud about poets seeking publicity in a kinder, gentler way. In today's, I muse over just how cool it would be to have an understanding of those ways¬†and not share them. Not share them? Right. Because feeling no need to share would be cool. Fact is, cool poets make like … Continue reading If You’re Trying To Be Cool, You’re Not


Publicity Hounds from Hell

Note: The following is written for hounds trying not to bay like the Baskervilles. It explores Aristotle's philosophical conundrum: Can you self-promote your work without looking like you're self-promoting your work? Heed, then, the "sound" of trees falling in the wilderness.... I've written before that a part-time poet (full-time poets, like unicorns, are rare beasts … Continue reading Publicity Hounds from Hell

My Rejection Note, Their Marketing Tool

Writers attract rejection via the inbox like electricity draws dust via static cling. It's just part of the game. Sometimes, though, Emperor Nero publications add thumbs-down insult to injury, salt to wound, in- to dignity, when they use rejections as marketing¬†opportunities. You know. Something like this: Dear Writer: Thanks for submitting your work to Poems … Continue reading My Rejection Note, Their Marketing Tool