New Years, Always Bittersweet

A new  year. Always a bittersweet thing. Having 2018 on the doorstep, left by someone who wants no part of it, all swaddled and innocent-looking (for now), is a scary thing. Isn't it every year? Been there, done that, know better. And it all gets you thinking... thinking about stuff you've thought a lot about … Continue reading New Years, Always Bittersweet


A Few Words from St. Billy of Collins

Returning to the book, Light the Dark (see yesterday's post), let's look for illumination in Billy Collins' essay included in that collection. In it he references an earlier essay he wrote called "Poetry, Pleasure, and the Hedonist Reader." I sought it on-line and instead found the essay that's in this book, which was originally written for The … Continue reading A Few Words from St. Billy of Collins

What Lights YOUR Muse’s Campfire?

It's a fact of life: Famous writers inspire famous writers. Don't believe it? Doubting your inner Thomas? You need only read Light the Dark: Writers on Creativity, Inspiration, and the Artistic Process, edited by Joe Fassler, wherein dozens of writerly-types share snippets of works that lit their muse's campfire. Curious, I read the book--mostly--and here are a … Continue reading What Lights YOUR Muse’s Campfire?

Season’s (and Spices’) Greetings

Season's Greetings--and thank you--to my readers. I could take those seasons and spice it up with specificity: Cinnamon's Greetings, maybe, or Allspice's Greetings, or the lovely Clove's Greetings (sounding so close to Love's Greetings). Or I could be more inclusive altogether: Garam Masala's Greetings! (A little black pepper never hurt anything.) Whatever it is, I … Continue reading Season’s (and Spices’) Greetings

A Second Trove of Literary Trivia

I've finished David Markson's Reader's Block, yes, but no--I'm not done sharing some of the neat trivia found in this unusual "novel." Here are more, all taken directly from his 1996 book: _______________________________________________________________________ Yeats once asked Hardy how he coped with the endless copies of his books sent to him with requests for inscriptions. Hardy … Continue reading A Second Trove of Literary Trivia