Cold Comfort: Poems That Make the Big-Time

Reading published poems--especially poems published in the heavyweight division, where you find periodicals like The New Yorker--can be both frustrating and edifying. Before I count the ways, let me share a poem published in the The New Yorker's Aug. 28th issue: SON by Craig Morgan Teicher I don't even know where my father lives. I …

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In Which I Critique a Book of Critiques

The following is my Goodreads review of H. L. Six's Wild and Whirling Words: A Poetic Conversation. As it is instructive and a cautionary tale, I thought I would share it with the WordPress community as well: Like writing workshop on steroids, this, as 33 poets critique each other's work and the result isn't always …

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Reading ‘The New Yorker’ Backwards

Sure, The New Yorker is eastern liberal elitist, but does that mean I can't read it any way I want? Pricey at $8.99 (is that the "liberal elitist" part or the "eastern" part?), the magazine came my way free thanks to my daughter who renewed with the option to gift someone a subscription (she wrote …

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