The Hands of the Dying

Typically, I'm not a fan of the "Best of..." series, but last week at the library I picked up a copy of The Best of the Best American Poetry edited by Robert Pinsky and released in 2013. Surprisingly, I enjoyed many poems by many familiar faces in this collection, and what I liked best was …

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The Art of Bottling Nostalgia

I just finished J.L. Carr's A Month in the Country and didn't like it as much as expected. Part of the problem is the title. I could use a month in the country along about now, raising expectations. The other problem is the publisher, New York Review Books. NYRB's paperbacks are pretty products. Typically, the …

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Temptation = a Summer Book Before the Summer

I visited the local Barnes and his friend, Noble, this past weekend for the express purpose of visiting the periodicals section to buy copies of the July issue of Gray's Sporting Journal, which includes my poem, "Hemingway Fishing."  It didn't go down that way. Not quite. "While I'm here in the shady Tree of Knowledge," …

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