Haiku-like Hemingway

Many people don't know that Ernest Hemingway enjoyed reading poetry and, before he became famous for his short stories, even attempted a few poems. Reading A Moveable Feast, I can see why. Poetry often hides in the work of good prose writers, and as I tried fashioning found poems from young Hemingway's spare language, I …

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Take the Free Book (and the Long Odds)!

I've written about Goodreads' Book Giveaways before. To say the least, I have ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, they're good publicity for the little guy (read: humble author) who's lost in a big jungle (read: the published world). On the other hand, the odds of winning (meaning you) are longer than a certain island …

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Contrasts: Making Juxtaposition Work for You

But two days ago I sat in front of the heat vent, a habit from childhood, reading a collection of Charles Simic poems. At the time, I missed the contrast of a nostalgic pastime (the heat passing between shirt and back) and a more modern, tongue-in-cheek experience (Simic's cool, savvy verse), but now the weather …

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