Fernando Pessoa & Literary Children

I am lazily wending my way through Fernando Pessoa's The Book of Disquiet and finding a like-minded soul: a quiet man, a homebody, a literary enthusiast. Most interesting to me is this passage about children and their "literary" way of thinking (as opposed to those conformists in the mirror we know as "adults"). For me, …

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Dignity for the Aging, the Sick, the Dead

My wife and I are of such an age where we are rapidly losing friends and family members who grew up in the generation before us. Likewise, we spend much time visiting members of this generation in declining health, some in assisted living, some in nursing homes, some in hospitals. It is a sad truth …

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Czeslaw Milosz on the Indifferent World

Many words--even simple ones--hold multiple meanings. Add connotative undertones to their pedigree and they grow even more fascinating. The word "indifferent" is such a word. Seemingly simple, there's more to it than meets the eye as I'll show in this post and the next. That's one reason why I chose to name my book The …

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