Random Thoughts: The Gratitude Edition

Some random thoughts before people wake up in this house and the madness of Thanksgiving begins: First of all, I won't bore you with the usual thankfulness for family and friends and health and roofs over one's head. Whoops. Has anyone else noticed the rise in comfort food consumption (CFC) since the electoral college's election … Continue reading Random Thoughts: The Gratitude Edition


The Poetry of Prepared Nonchalance

What will you have for lunch? The filling and beautifully-messy pastrami and rye? The "who-am-I-kidding?" rabbit-food special of salad and soup? The send-me-back-to-the-60s special of three martinis? For Frank O'Hara, I'm seeing on my reread of Lunch Poems, it's a deceiving mix of prepared nonchalance with a dash of oxymoronic condiment. Seemingly off-the-cuff, many of … Continue reading The Poetry of Prepared Nonchalance